Shipping Policy:

We are pleased to offer domestic and international shipping! All shipping placed within the U.S. starts at $3.50 depending on the order size. Expedited shipping is also available at an extra fee and will be treated on a case-by-case basis due to ship zones and different available options. International orders will need to be discussed ahead of time to ensure we get your order to you by the time you need it!

Large or Bulk Order:

We would absolutely love to work with you on a bulk order! please know the minimum to start processing a bulk order of over 50 pairs is 2 weeks. the 2 week mark only begins once final designs are approved by customer and payments have been made in full. Deposits can be discussed directly via email if necessary. however, please be reminded that these are custom made, made-to-order. and individually made which takes some time and extra attention to detail to make sure everything is perfect for you.

 Sizing Guide:


We are stoked to be able to provide custom designs AND custom sizing! this allows us to be fully inclusive and we LOVE it! RiverJammerz as a brand aims to not only promote body positivity, self expression, empowerment, but self love most importantly. we will create your unique pasties for YOUR body. Also, we'd like to point out that this means anyone is a RiverJammerz babe if they want to be aside from sexuality, body type, identity, or otherwise! The sizing guide is best explained if you have a quarter on hand. Place the quarter over your areola and depending on which block on the guide best suites what you see that will be your size. For example if a quarter perfectl covers your areola, you would be a 1in for size and so on and so forth. The guide features just a few sizes to showcase how to get your size, but if you doubt your measurements or don't see a size that best fits you we would love to help get it just right! Otherwise, using a ruler in either centimeters or inches works just as great.

Any additional questions can be directed to us at our email! Please reach out to us if you are curious about anything we have not addressed at RiverJammerz@gmail.com

Thanks for checking us out! Come join our RiverJammerz Squad today!!!!